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The cup and handle is one of my favourite trading strategies because if you miss the advance during the cup formation, you can always catch a bullish set up on the handle consolidation before the breakout. I know that this may sound like Greek to some of you but stay

Here are 12 things you need to know and look out for when reading Financial Statements. VIA 12 Tips To Note   1. View a Financial Statement as the scorecard for how well a business is performing. 2. Don’t neglect the Cash Flows. There might be cash in the bank
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No, were not talking about the shampoo that clears you from dandruff. We’re talking about the technical indicator. It is a very easy-to-spot pattern and often plays out exactly the way it’s intended to. There are two types, the normal head and shoulders pattern, and the head and shoulders reversal.
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Below are a few Forex Terms that we’re breaking down for the beginner Quote A quote is the price in one currency it costs to buy one unit of the other currency. Eg: USD/ZAR = 10.75 This is called a currency pair. The numerator is called the base currency while

KPI is the acronym for Key Performance Indicator. Investopedia defines KPI as: A set of quantifiable measures that a company or industry uses to gauge or compare performance in terms of meeting their strategic and operational goals. KPIs vary between companies and industries, depending on their priorities or performance criteria.

Like the name suggests, swing trading bases your trades on the movement/swing/momentum of a share rather than the fundamentals of the company. Like a swing or a wave, what goes up must come down. The more volatile a share is, the greater your profits or losses will be on a

International Economic Data Below is a list of the most important economic data being released this week on an international scale. The data has been ranked by importance due to the likeliness of the information creating volatility in the international market place. Information to look out for: Retail Sales data

The dictionary defines arbitrage as: the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset. Let’s start off with a basic type of arbitrage: Covered Interest Arbitrage. The best way to
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Derivatives come in many different tradable forms, the most common are equity derivatives such as Single Stock Futures and Contracts for Difference (the underlying assets here being equities) and Foreign Exchange Futures (the underlying asset here being currencies).
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Below is an infographic from Moneyweb detailing how South African investors can buy shares in offshore markets using Investec’s IDX products.   The IDX product is a SSF (Single Stock Future), which means you will need a SAFEX account opened  in South Africa. (refer to article: ‘CFDs versus SSFs’) Once