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Q – Hi guys, I want to know my risk profile. Do you know of a good place where I can test my risk tolerance? Hi there, Before I refer you, let me explain to everyone what a risk profile is. We all know some investments are riskier than others
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Good day Kindly find the weekly African digest below, to view in browser click here. The AMI series is marginally up, closing at 10,967 points, to manage a 1.2% gain from the previous session. The Fed shows some hawkish signs ahead of the June meeting, the U$ subsequently gets stronger.

Q – I have a question. Can you tell me what business expenditure is and can you please give me an example. A – Hi thank you for the question. Well business expenditure refers to daily, weekly and monthly operating expenses which keeps the business open. The examples are: office
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Q – Tivani, I often hear about receivables . What are they and who receives what? A – Receivables refers to money owed to the company by its debtors. Company accountants are responsible for recording and reporting these debts on the balance sheet. Receivables are listed as an asset on the