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Before looking at investing in a company, you need to decide on how long you want to invest, the return you’re looking for and how much downside you can take. With long term investments, you won’t usually care about when in the short term you buy, as you expect the investment to only start

Hi Everyone! We get asked a huge amount of questions about the stock market and how to invest. Send us your questions and we will answer them all, chances are someone else has asked them before and we have cool explanations like the one below for them.

VIA The most interesting trades picked up were a bullish position by John Templeton and a bearish position by Bernard Smith Bull John Templeton decided to ‘Buy the Dregs of the Stock Market’ in 1939. He called up his broker and ordered him to purchase shares in EVERY company whose

The list below was taken from the article: 57 Fascinating Business Facts That Will Blow Your Mind. From intelligible to just plain whacky, the list is entertaining. You’ll be sure to pick up a few facts that will blow your friends’ minds. Ben & Jerry’s is owned by Unilever. Wal-Mart averages a profit

Via Benjamin Franklin once said: In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. A big part of creating and retaining your wealth is how you manage your investments and how you work your way around taxes that are avoidable. No, not evading taxes, that

We show you simple pros and cons to trading forex. Leverage Depending on your broker, you can place a trade worth, for example, R100,000 by only putting down R1000. Reward: If the daily gains are 1%, you make R1000, doubling your money. Risk: If the daily loss is -1%, you’ve

Here are 12 things you need to know and look out for when reading Financial Statements. VIA 12 Tips To Note   1. View a Financial Statement as the scorecard for how well a business is performing. 2. Don’t neglect the Cash Flows. There might be cash in the bank

Mega Cities Just how fast will our majorities grow between today and 2030? via What is Alibaba? Alibaba is a e-commerce group specialising in connecting buyers and sellers through their online platform, taking some sort of commission of course. Alibaba is listed on the NYSE with the share code BABA,
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No, were not talking about the shampoo that clears you from dandruff. We’re talking about the technical indicator. It is a very easy-to-spot pattern and often plays out exactly the way it’s intended to. There are two types, the normal head and shoulders pattern, and the head and shoulders reversal.

  The Stock Shop interviewed former CEO of First National Bank, Michael Jordaan. Here’s a short background: Dr. Michael Jordaan, MComm, Ph.D. serves as the Chairman of MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd. since October 2013. Previously, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank (First National Bank, Plc)