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Helen Alpino

Helen Alpino

Helen Alpino brings a wealth of technical analysis experience to trading the markets. Her combined love for trading with passion for training provides you with a dedicated hands on approach to providing you with the tools and knowledge to trade profitably.

As a technical trader, Helen relies on charts, market sentiment and trading top trending companies to make trading decisions. She uses an uncomplicated method, mentoring you to understand the psychology of the market.

Helen has been associated with Vunani Private Clients for 7 years through The Stock Traders Club and turned what started off as a hobby 12 years ago to empowering clients to trade successfully.


Ho !Ho! Ho! Is Santa Claus coming to the markets this Christmas? It’s mid-December and we are once again wondering whether Santa Claus will be passing by the markets or just passing the markets this year. Will Santa cause the markets to rocket and turn what has been a year

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read you begin with A-B-C When you sing you begin with do-re-mi When you trade you begin with high, low, buy, sell, hold The rules and the tools are used to build profitable trades! Once you

The markets! One scary horror story if you don’t know what you are doing… Trick or treat? No it is not Halloween nor Friday the 13th. Every single recovery has been short lived in the last few months as we have seen one “dead cat bounce” after another. October has

How to follow “what’s trending” on the markets? Just as there are no guarantees in running your own business, stock market traders will confirm that there are no guarantees in trading the stock market. Analysts look at odds and probabilities when they analyse technical analysis charts and they know that

The market has been flashing a bright yellow light for a long while now. It has been asking you to evaluate and to slow down. Your road trip is about to turn quite sanguine. The bear investor has been on the prowl for months, waiting, pacing, watching for the right

It is women’s month and I ask a few thought-provoking questions: Why is it that we need one month of the year to highlight our progress or lack thereof? Why do we need a special day to focus on our value, on our achievements, on what we are worth, especially
Cropped view of business woman walking in city street with laptop bag, commuting and going to work in the morning. Copy space, waist down

The TIME to give the business world an oestrogen jab is here … Its now… “Women are the most underutilized resource on the planet!” Hillary Rodham Clinton The clichés and beliefs which are entrenched in all our minds need to change. The financial world, the business world has been pretty