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balloon payment 2

Q – Hi I often hear people talking about balloon payments. Can you please tell me how this finance lingo works? A – Hey there. Before I can explain how balloon payments work, let me define it first: balloon payments refer to a lump sum (single payment) that is attached

Q – Hi I am in my early stages of learning all the stock market terms can you please tell me what volume is? Hi. You have come to the right place. Volume refers to the number of shares traded in a day. Volume simply refers to the number of


Q- Hi I have a question. I was wondering if i need a college degree in order to become a successful trader? A- Hi. Becoming a successful trader does not require any qualification, however you need to equip yourself with educational materials like books and online tutorials that can teach

Q – Hi. I want to know if I receive physical proof of stocks purchased. A – Hi thank you for your question. Hard physical evidence (on paper) of stock ownership does not exist anymore. Physical share certificates were replaced by electronic entries in 2001. This is broadly called “settlement”

via Hi. I want to know how the depository system work and how it is associated with securities…. Hello there. The depository system holds securities in accounts for its clients. The depository system functions more like banks. Banks transfers funds between accounts whereas, a depository transfers securities between accounts. In both systems,

Q – Hi, I read somewhere about investing in bonds. What kind of an investment is this? Hi there. Bonds refer to a debt investment in which an investor lends money to the government or a company. When you buy a bond you are lending money to a corporate or