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The South African economy has been going through somewhat of a rough patch lately, oh who am I kidding, we’re on a downward spiral. According to stats SA the South African economy is responsible for the loss of 51 000 jobs in all sectors in 2016 alone. Among those 51

The young director of Vestige is talking to us again. We discuss what makes him the young entrepreneur he is, what drives him and wakes him up in the morning. His entrepreneurial journey has taught him a great deal, he continues to share his story with us. K: So as

It’s a super chilled Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for Vestige Group director and influential social media extraordinaire, Mthokozisi Biyela. What drove me to interview this young man is the fact that he is: young; building a business from the ground up; has taken the world of social media by
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I recently had the privilege of being asked by one of my mentors to speak to two school students who are looking to start their own company. This was a fortunate turn of events when considering the recent articles on entrepreneurship and youth leadership on Stock Shop Daily News. Being

We met a living artistic genius – Nicola Taylor. Yes, theee Nicola Taylor. Now for those who don’t know, I’m a student of ART. Art nearly drove me insane, which is why I spend my time making investment look beautiful. It took a lot of composure for me not to
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via As we conclude the “Entrepreneur with a taste for life” three part series, I hope all aspiring entrepreneurs out there have learned a lot from what it takes to build your business from scratch, watch it grow and thrive. Are you mentoring anyone and who are your mentors? I’m