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Vestige Prestige Part 2

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The young director of Vestige is talking to us again. We discuss what makes him the young entrepreneur he is, what drives him and wakes him up in the morning. His entrepreneurial journey has taught him a great deal, he continues to share his story with us.

K: So as an entrepreneur I’m sure you have constantly juggling around in your head. So how long do you stick with an idea before you give up on it?

M: I don’t give up ideas, I just put them on the shelf and then when the time is right I pull it out and go “let’s implement this”.

K: And how many hours a day do you work?

M: I can be working now then I’m having fun again then when I get home I maybe around 8pm, be on my laptop until the next morning, it’s an everyday thing. But I hate weekends, you can’t do anything. You can have a great idea and draft it and then now it’s time to contact people, you can’t send people emails on the weekend. Ok maybe Sunday evening so that when they get to the office on Monday it’s the first thing they see.

K: Just run me through your day, when you wake up what do you do, do you have a routine?

M: No I don’t conform to systems at all. My parents are employees, I look at them every morning, they wake up in the morning they go to work, come back home tired, still have to look after the family, household chores etc. And then month end they are left with almost nothing because now they’re also paying off debt. In school they shouldn’t be teaching you how to manage other people’s money, they should be teaching you how to save and how to make money, they don’t do that. They precondition you to work for someone else.

K: What motivates you and who motivates you?

M: I don’t have a role model, surprisingly. I think I inspire myself because I think of something so great and I’m like man this shit is scary but if I thought of it, I have to do it. So this year I’m aiming to make at least R2 million. I’m only half a percent there.

K: How do you generate new ideas, what’s your creative process?

M: I travel a lot neh, so since I’ doing events I get to see where there’s gaps in certain areas, then I compare it to Joburg. There’s a lot of gaps in Joburg, everyone is doing the same thing again and again. So I already have a couple of concepts for Joburg but it’s not only Joburg that needs those concepts. So I’m like ok let me design something that people really appreciate. I do surveys as well, I go around asking people random questions. At the end of the day those people are my clients and I should personally touch base with them. Imagine if I’m going to approach you with a flyer and tell you there’s an event that’s coming up, you would think I’m a promoter and that’s what I want you to think.

K: As an entrepreneur you have multiple caps you wear or multiple roles you play, you’re the CEO/Director but also the promoter or marketing manager.

M: At the moment yes I do everything, some people also come with their own ideas. I have this but I don’t know where to start, I step in and say okay let’s put together a proposal for you and maybe we can organize you a few sponsors and find you funding.

K: How far are you willing to go to achieve success?

M: As far as it takes. With me it’s not necessarily about making money, it’s just about being comfortable. 

And that’s a wrap folks, let me leave you with these words:

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance” – Steve Jobs

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