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I have always been extremely independent and growing up I could not wait to be able to move out and be on my own. From as far back as I can remember I planned how my flat would be decorated, the food I would eat, the area I would like
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The South African economy has been going through somewhat of a rough patch lately, oh who am I kidding, we’re on a downward spiral. According to stats SA the South African economy is responsible for the loss of 51 000 jobs in all sectors in 2016 alone. Among those 51

Thinking of retirement? Here’s an interesting video for you. It’s an american video, but there are some striking similarities with the South African system.

Straight out of Transkei I was propelled into the model C schooling system first in Johannesburg and later Durban. With little or no time to adjust from rural to urban life I had to compete in an environment where other kids knew what a bank was, what saving was and

I’m a young investor who was born in Soweto and later moved to the North of Johannesburg. I was raised by my Grandparents for the first couple of years while my parents were establishing their careers in the new South Africa with very little education. When I was growing up