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Uncovering the Unknown People live close to various stock markets across Africa, yet just a few know about their business. There are a number of barriers hindering people from taking part in their countries’ investment activities. A barrier is anything that restricts you from reaching out to, or accessing something.

Q –  Hi Tivani I often come across the word trustee can you tell me what is it? A – Hi thank you for your question a trustee in financial terms refers to a person or an organisation, bank, or a trust company that is responsible for the holding and

Q – Hi guys, I saw your Q&A on Mergers. I often see the words “Mergers” and “Acquisitions” put together. What is an acquisition? and what is the difference between the two? A – Thank you for the question. An acquisition, like a merger, is a strategic decision that a

Q – Hi Tivani, what is a return? A – A return can be defined as the profit or loss you make on investments over a certain period of time. It is commonly measured in terms of percentages.

VIA Q – Hi, What is Forex and why is everyone mad about it? A- Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. Forex relates to currency. Currency is money. In the USA, their currency is the US Dollar. Here in South Africa it’s the Rand. The way traders make money from Forex

Q – Hi Guys, I want to know what a Unit Trust is? Can we trust them… Pun intended A – A unit trust is a very interesting investment product. Imagine you want to buy lots of different good quality shares, but you don’t have millions in the bank just

Q – If I own ordinary shares, what does that really mean for me? A – In essence,  you own part of a business. You have voting rights in the company’s annual general meetings. This means that you are involved in the company’s decision making process. Owning ordinary shares means

Business funding and capital contribution have, for the most part, taken center stage when debating the topic of start-ups. Novice entrepreneurs that aren’t entirely familiar with business or a particular industry, have a misconstrued ideology that funding is the only way to boost a new venture. Local statistics show that

You’ve probably been asked this question countless times or maybe it’s crossed your mind now and again but have you ever actually taken the time to unpack it? Many of us have never associated these words with each other let alone use them in the same sentence. It seems absurd,
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I’m Palesa Lengolo and over the next few months, I am going to chronicle my journey in the Stokvel Space. Before I do, here’s a little bit about myself and how this all got started. I studied Finance and I worked in different financial service companies, but never bothered myself